Prosper Community Theatre

Prosper Community Theatre (PCT) was established in 2017 by JR DeLaney. Inspired by his time as an artistic director of another local youth theater, he sought to bring live theater opportunities to the west side of Collin County and the surrounding communities. Seeking to bring theater to every child and adult in the area, PCT was established with the goal to be easily affordable to anyone that wanted to participate in any aspect of the theater: acting, technical, stage directing, dancing, singing, and so much more!

501(C)3 Creation

The Murder Mystery Dinner is being produced in an effort to secure the funds needed to file their 501(c)3 paperwork and to produce their first show. 

There are many expenses when creating a non-profit. From insurance to purchasing the scripts the costs add up. 

JR with PCT would like to create a program where everyone can participate and cost isn't an obstacle. 

To do this we need your support!