Nonprofit Services Creation/Startup/Launch Development

Thinking Of Starting A Nonprofit?

Nonprofit organizations ( NPOs) are frequently begun by like-minded people coming together for the support of a cause that, at least potentially, has major social implications. They can also be formed for private causes, if they fulfill slightly different criteria under applicable laws. So planning is important. The term 501(c)(3) refers to a provision of the Internal Revenue Code that deals with exemptions from income tax on the contributions received from individuals and corporations by the organization. In addition, donors receive tax deductions for their contributions. However, this tax exemption is available only to organizations pursuing a specified set of activities. Certain activities, such as political campaigning, influencing or lobbying for legislation, are excluded.

Phyl the Jukebox Is Here To Help

You don't have to struggle with the process of starting a nonprofit.  You are establishing a nonprofit to better this world, not spend your time completing stacks of paper work. The good news is you don't have to, Phyl the Jukebox is here to help.

How We Can Help

  • Federal and State Registration
  • Writing Bylaws
  • Filing Bylaws
  • Board Committee & Development
  • Membership
  • Fundraising
  • Branding & Communications
  • NPO Software Implementation 
  • Marketing

Professional Services

  • CPA & Accounting
  • Website Creation 
  • Legal 
  • PR/Social Media